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If many people are informed about an injustice, those responsible can no longer enforce it secretly!

Have you received the Who's WHO flyer? Were you familiar with the content? Or did you come across this website by chance?

Here are ten key issues that we are facing with the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the amended International Health Regulations (IHR). For each topic there is further information with sources under Details.

In addition, you will find a lot of other information as well as concrete suggestions on what you can do to defend yourself against it.

With our short survey, we want to get a first impression of how well informed the population is about what to expect. By taking the survey, you will learn how well informed you were compared to others. In order to see the results, it is necessary to answer all the questions.


... the World Health Organization (WHO) will intervene directly in your life in the event of a health emergency in the future and thus bypass our rule of law?

WHO is working with its donors on a pandemic treaty and an amendment to the International Health Regulations (IHR). It is planning a set of rules consisting of two pillars: the amendment of the existing International Health Regulations, to German International Health Regulations, and the establishment of a new pandemic treaty.

1. Adaptation of the International Health Regulations:
Article-by-Article Compilation of Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) submitted in accordance with decision WHA75(9) (2022)
2. meeting of the working group on amendments to the international health, regulations (2005) A/WGIHR/2/5, Provisional agenda item 4, 6 February 2023

2. Pandemic Treaty
Zero-Draft 1.2.2023
Draft May 2023
Current Draft 2.6.2023
Draft 2023/10/16
Draft 2023/10/30

... the head of the WHO will be able to tell you in the future what you have to do, where you are allowed to stay and which pharmaceutical products you have to pay for and take?

When a global health emergency occurs, the Director-General of the WHO alone says (Art. 12 Z1 IHR) and this does not end until the Director-General wants it.

In its report of 2023 February 6 on Article 2005, the Working Group on the Enlargement of the IHR 12 states very clearly: "The Article places emphasis on consultation with the State Party in whose territory the event occurs, and the obligation of the Director-General to seek the views of an Emergency Committee, while also stating that the ultimate decision to make the determination of a PHEIC remains with the Director-General".

In the event of a PHEIC, the Director-General shall consult with the States and with the Emergency Committee, but the final decision on the declaration of a PHEIC shall remain with a single person: the Director-General.

... You can't defend yourself against it because there is no official body that supports you – neither in our country nor at the WHO?

According to the new contracts, a decision of the Director-General cannot be appealed by anyone. It is difficult to prove something that is not present in the contracts.

Fundamental rights are essentially people's defensive rights against the state. We can use it to defend ourselves against encroachments by the state. With the pandemic contract and IHR, our elected representatives make commitments on our behalf, which we have to comply with. There are no rights of defence against attacks by the WHO, which they have authorized our elected representatives to do.

... our government will have to meet the requirements of the WHO (lockdown, vaccinations, etc.) in the future?

Our country must comply with the regulations of the WHO by undermining the rule of law.
Articles 13A and 42 of the IHR disempowered member states in the event of a PHEIC.

Paragraph 1 of the new Art 13A reads: "States Parties recognize WHO as the guidance and coordinating authority of international public health response during public health Emergency of International Concern and undertake to follow WHO's recommendations in their international public health response.
In German" States Parties recognize WHO as the guiding and coordinating authority for the international public health response to public health emergencies of international concern and commit to following WHO recommendations in their international public health response."

So here we have, on the one hand, the blank recognition of the authority of the WHO in the case of a PHEIC, as well as the blank obligation to follow the "recommendations". That's how easy it is to turn recommendations into commands.

Art 42 of the IHR specifies that all "recommendations" must be implemented "without delay" – "shall be initiated and completed without delay".

Articles 15 and 16 of the IHR distinguish between "temporary recommendations (PHEIC)" and "permanent recommendations".

... that our politicians do not have an active say in who will give you what instructions?

While international corporations, lobbyists, foundations and the EU Commission negotiate the treaties together with the WHO, the national governments wait to implement what others have decided.

On the reform of the International Health Regulations, one can read, among other things, in the short news of the German Bundestag on 29.06.2023: "The negotiating mandate for the amendments to the IHR has been transferred from the EU member states to the EU Commission for the efficient bundling of European interests. The negotiations of the working groups on the ground would be accompanied by staff from the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations."

In the answer (20/7438) of the Federal Government to a minor question (20/7142) of the AfD parliamentary group, one can then read on page 3:

Question: Has the Federal Government submitted proposals to amend the IHR in its own name and/or in association with other groups or institutions or states, and if so, which ones, and which proposals come exclusively from the Federal Government, And if not, why not?

Answer: The negotiating mandate for the amendments to the International Health Regulations has been transferred to the Commission of the European Union (EU). The EU Commission has worked with all EU member states to develop and submit its own proposals for amendments. The European Union's proposed amendments are publicly available on the Internet
(www.eeas.europ ocuments_en?s=62 under "2nd Amendments to the International Health Regulations").

... the WHO can choose which products to use on the basis of the new treaties? Competing products from other manufacturers and nations are not bought.

In the context of a health emergency, free competition is abolished. The WHO thus has a direct influence on the economy.

The new Art 13A has it all. In paragraphs 2-5, the WHO is to be given a free hand for allocation plans for health products. To this end, the WHO should be allowed to dictate to the member states which health products must be produced on their territory and on what scale, and how these products are to be distributed.

... neither we citizens nor our governments can elect the Director-General of the WHO or influence the projects and goals?

WHO's goals are determined by earmarked contributions, which account for 80% of the WHO budget. The donors, often investors, thus determine the work of the WHO. "Germany is the third largest voluntary WHO donor, with $1716 million in specially committed contributions and $260 million in thematic contributions."
TAGESSPIEGEL: Who decides what the WHO takes care of?

... the politicians will probably approve the final regulations just as unquestioningly, since they are already not negotiating in the interests of the citizens?

Our politicians will vote on IHR and pandemic treaty in the World Health Assembly in May 2024. The IHR will automatically enter into force one year later, unless our country vetoes it. The pandemic treaty must be implemented within 1.5 years.

1.    IHR: Amendments to the International Health Regulations, WHA75.12 "The period provided in execution of Article 22 of the Constitution of WHO for rejection of, or reservation to, these Regulations shall be 18 months from the date of the notification by the Director-General of the adoption of these Regulations by the Health Assembly. Any rejection or reservation received by the Director-General after the expiry of that period shall have no effect."
Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly WHA75.12, Agenda item 16.2, 28 May 2022.

2.    Pandemic contract: 18 months according to Art. 19 Constitution of the World Health Organization: "Each Member State undertakes to take steps for the acceptance of such treaty or agreement within 18 months of the adoption of a treaty or agreement by the Health Assembly."
Constitution of the World Health Organization

... Your freedom to travel in the future will depend on the current requirements of the WHO, as it can determine whether and where citizens are allowed to travel?

The European Commission and the WHO agreed on a global health certificate, which, like the COVID certificate, will determine travel opportunities. The EU Digital COVID Certificate will become the Global Digital Health Certificate.
A global digital health certificate – Council adopts recommendations

... the WHO prescribes what you are allowed to learn and discuss with others, since the constitutionally enshrined freedom of the press and freedom of expression is to be suspended?

The WHO equates information with pandemics ("infodemic"), which are to be controlled.

Art. 1 Z. 1 lit. b WHO CA+ „‚infodemic‘ means too much information, including false or misleading information, in digital and physical environments during a disease outbreak ...“
The WHO wants to prevent not only "false information" but also "too much information".

Art. 18 Z. 1 lit. b WHO CA+ „[In that regard, each Party shall:] conduct regular community outreach, social listening, and periodic analysis and consultations with civil society organizations and media outlets in order to identify the prevalence and profiles of misinformation, which will contribute to design communications and messaging strategies for the public to counteract misinformation, disinformation and false news, thereby strengthening public trust and promoting adherence to public health and social measures;“
In order to create confidence in public health and social measures among the population, the member states are to counteract any form of "false information". The WHO thus takes the liberty of combating, or having combated, contradictory opinions.

In addition to the pandemic contract, the planned changes in the IHR also require information to be controlled. Articles 44 and 53A of the planned IHR provide that the contracting states should support each other to counteract "false and unreliable" information. The authority to interpret what is right and what is wrong should be read in conjunction with the Pandemic Treaty. Information that contradicts the understanding of the WHO should also be combated from the IHR.

Art. 44 Abs. 1 lit. h "[States Parties shall undertake to collaborate with and assist each other .. ]
in countering the dissemination of false and unreliable information about public health events, preventive and anti-epidemic measures and activities in the media, social networks and other ways of disseminating such information"

Art. 44 Abs. 2 lit. e "[WHO shall collaborate with and promptly assist States Parties .. in:]
countering the dissemination of false and unreliable information about public health events, preventive and anti-epidemic measures and activities in the media, social networks and other ways of disseminating such information;"

Art. 53A lit. c "[The State Parties shall establish an Implementation Committee, comprising of all States Parties meeting annually, that shall be responsible for:]
Promote international cooperation and assistance to address concerns raised by WHO and States Parties regarding implementation of, and compliance with, obligations under these Regulations in accordance with Article 44


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Now you too are informed about the new pandemic treaty and the amended International Health Regulations. Help to ensure that those responsible no longer secretly enforce it!


1.  Inform yourself comprehensively in order to be able to stand up to discussions
2.  Print, copy and distribute the leaflet that leads to this page
3.  Inform friends and acquaintances
4.  Inform politicians in your constituency
5.  Sign current petitions for a referendum
6.  Focus on the topic at events and demonstrations
7.  Carry out poster campaigns in your region


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If the majority of people are informed about this development, this possible WHO dictatorship will be over before it has begun.

Thank you for your active support!

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